Sunday, December 27, 2009

Well, this should be interesting

...and possibly a little stupid as I'm having to resort to saying that running is going to be my New Year's Resolution. I haven't run AT ALL in December, and November was pitiful (hence my lack of blog entries). I have lots of excuses which I think are quite valid ywet at the same time I feel guilty and think that maybe I could have squeezed in a run or two in between exams, moving, and a plethera of distractions.

But in January, somehow, I will begin again - hopefully with a bit of help from Derek Spafford to get ready for a crazy year of running.


  1. Glad I stopped by! Didn't know there was the Dirty Girls 24-Hour and it's perfect for my birthday celebration (depending on the locale).

  2. You got lots of time to get back in shape for the spring. Good luck in your training

  3. SteveQ - Dirty Girls is Mansfied. Your from the us right? Not too sure how far it would be for you but it would be worth it for sure. It's soo Dir-tay, you'd love it!

    Chris: Thanks a lot for the words and for reading the blog.