Monday, June 21, 2010

Soul Meets Body

Perfect long run song.

I want to live where soul meets body
And let the sun wrap its arms around me
And bathe my skin in water cool and cleansing
And feel, feel what its like to be new

Cause in my head there’s a greyhound station
Where I send my thoughts to far off destinations
So they may have a chance of finding a place
where they’re far more suited than here

And I cannot guess what we'll discover
When we turn the dirt with our palms cupped like shovels
But I know our filthy hands can wash one another’s
And not one speck will remain

And I do believe it’s true
That there are roads left in both of our shoes
But if the silence takes you
Then I hope it takes me too
So brown eyes I hold you near
Cause you’re the only song I want to hear
A melody softly soaring through my atmosphere

Where soul meets body


  1. interesting. I've heard that song a million times and never paid attention to the words. Definitely a good running song! (though a little low-energy for my running mix ;)

  2. I haven't stopped by here in quite a while - just wanted to say congrats on the 50 Mile finish!

  3. Good Luck at Hali NatG! You are going to do GREAT!!

  4. Way to "Shoot for The Moon". Recover well.

  5. Thanks a lot EJ. It was a crazy weekend. Hope to get something up about it soon.